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Suzi Silva made her debut at the age of 11. In Montreal she presented herself for the first time publicly in a local fado house, the “Grandfather of Fado”. At 12, she returned to Portugal and then began to discover other musical genres. She went through Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, traditional Portuguese music, Brazilian music, Bossa Nova, African music, and then there was Jazz… While studying in the architecture program at the Coimbra University, she also attended the Coimbra Music Conservatory in classical singing. After completing her studies in architecture she devoted herself to musical education and training in the Jazz field – “Sítio de Sons” Music School (Coimbra) and Jobra Music Conservatory (Albergaria-a-Velha).

She came back to Montreal in 2013 and was admitted to the Jazz Interpretation Program at University of Montreal in 2014. Since she’s been performing in the local music scene and went through the major jazz clubs of Montreal and participated in numerous festivals, such as the Mont-Tremblant Festi-Jazz , the Sutton Jazz Festival and the Montreal International Percussion Festival. Jazz, bossa-nova, french music and fado are the specialties offered in her musical menu.

Singer, performer and composer buzzing between her eternal passion for Fado and the creative freedom of Jazz – in search of a possible fusion of the two styles.

fad'AZZ | Fado Mestiço - Amanhã | Suzi Silva

Vidéo promo pour le projet musical | Promotional video for musical project: fad’AZZ


Suzi Silva – voix | voice
Bruno Roy – batterie et percussions | drums and percussion
Ivan Grazón – guitares | guitars
Olivier Babaz – contrebasse | double bass
Yannick Anctil – piano | piano

Artistes invités | Featured artists:
Sergiu Popa – accordéon | accordeon [Fado Mestiço - Amanhã]
Liberto Medeiros – guitare portugaise | Portuguese guitar [Ce coeur que je garde]
Paulo Bottas – piano | piano [Fleurs silencieuses]

Prise de son et mixage | Recording and Mixing:
Robert Langlois - Studio 270 (Montréal)
Prise d'images: Marcel Carriere, Lidia Barreiros


Avec le soutien du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
With the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec


  • Thursday, February 22 - 20:00

    Des mots sur mesure en tournée Montréalaise

    Salle Pauline-Julien

    15615 Gouin Blvd O, Montreal, h9h 5k8

  • Tuesday, March 20 - 21:00

    Suzi Silva & Fad'AZZ - Syli d'Or 2018

    Club Balattou Officiel

    4372 Bd St-Laurent, Montreal, H2W 1Z5

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